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Sensitive Airport Records Found Unshredded

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NAID Members might want to drop off some brochures as they pass through the Orlando International Airport on their way to the Annual Conference next month.

According to an article in The Ledger by Jim Leusner yesterday (3/19/07), the airport has been hit with another security incident, this time in the form of sensitive airport security documents that were allowed to be thrown into the trash without being shredded.

Blueprints and details about the airport's fuel-storage areas, overall layout, power lines, and communications systems, were found in a garbage bin owned by the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (GOAA).

Aviation security expert Larry Johnson said that the blueprints provide "an excellent document for terrorists planning an attack."

A teenager with a passion for aviation discovered the documents two weeks ago, and his parents submitted the documents to the Orlando Sentinel. The Transportation Security Administration is aware of the discovery of the airport documents and intends to examine how the incident occurred and how it can be prevented from happening again.

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