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NAID Takes Lead on e-Destruction Regulations

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As readers know, NAID has been aiming a lot of its resources at the latest round of data protection legislation set to emerge from the nation’s capital. The NAID Government Relations Committee wants to remind all members that these efforts are not solely focused on the proper destruction of paper media but have dramatic ramifications on e-destruction issues.

NAID Members can rest assured that the destruction of electronic information is a big part of the message the association is carrying throughout the halls of Congress. The good news is that there is little push back on any of the issues NAID is advocating.

In support of NAID’s efforts in Washington, the association has produced a summary of all state-level destruction requirements for information destruction. The paper was developed at the request of a Congressional staff member looking to develop a national destruction provision, including best practices gleaned from these state laws. While not all of these information destruction requirements cover electronic media, the vast majority do.

The analysis of the state-level destruction provisions will also be used as the basis for an article aimed at several buying-group associations, as well as the National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG).

NAID members will have access to the report on the NAID website soon. The research will be unveiled for the first time at the upcoming 2007 NAID Conference.