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NAID Commissions Naremco for Compliance Toolkit Project

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The NAID Board of Directors has commissioned NAREMCO Management Consultants to create the NAID Information Destruction Compliance Toolkit. The Compliance Toolkit is a major component of a marketing program specifically aimed at the 63% of all organizations who currently claim to be shredding in-house.

Data from the 2006 NAID Consumer Awareness Survey demonstrates that organizations with written policies and procedures are far more likely to outsource their destruction. Given that most companies do not have such written policies and also that virtually every information protection regulation says that they are suppose to have them, the Toolkit will help significantly to develop this untapped market.

In addition to the Compliance Toolkit, NAID is now in the final stages of production of a brochure designed to explain how outsourcing is more secure and more compliant than in-house shredding. Both the Toolkit and the new brochure will be released in concert with a NAID advertising campaign and website modifications coordinated with the same message.

The Compliance Toolkit will be unveiled at the 2007 NAID Conference in a session that will orient attendees on its use. The new brochure is scheduled to be released prior to the event.

NAREMCO Management Consulting is a leading authority on records management issues. Alan Andolsen, a principal in the firm currently sits on the NAID Certification Review Board, and is a Vice President of the Board of Regents of the Institute of Certified Records Managers (CRM).