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Casual Disposal at South African Traffic Depot Raises Concerns

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Craig Pedersen, of NAID Member-company File 13 Secure Document Destruction in South Africa forwarded this report to NAIDDirect.

Evidentially, serious security lapses at the Gallows Hill’s office of the traffic department have been uncovered by an internal whistleblower.

A worried traffic officer took Norman Joseph, a reporter for The Cape Argus, to an area behind the Traffic Department Office where he was shown a huge rubbish bin packed with discarded summonses and other documents, including traffic officers' personal files.

A senior traffic officer, told The Cape Argus: "This is a breach of security. I'm aggravated by the fact that our names and addresses were lying around in a bin."

The office said that these new summonses and Advice of Offence documents and personal files could land in the hands of the wrong people. "People impersonating traffic officers could write out fake fines," he added.

Later Ian Landsberg, a photographer for the paper, strolled right through the department unchallenged to inspect the area again and take photos of the bin's contents.

Approached for comment, Metro Police spokesperson Director Kevin Maxwell said he had opened an investigation to find out why the unused documents were in the bin. He was also probing the alleged failures of the security officers.