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Calgary Imposes Fine Said to Target Mobile Shredding Trucks

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An article in the February 15, 2007 edition of the Calgary Herald by Kim Guttormson
details the continuing battle between city officials and companies operating shredding trucks.

According to the article, the city will continue its battle with shredding companies that do business along downtown streets, after a committee approved a bylaw containing $200 fines for anyone operating curbside.

It's the second regulation put in place to deal with the shredders' large trucks that are repeatedly parked for hours on valuable real estate.

The first bylaw looked at parking, while this addresses stopping in back alleys, loading zones or taxi stands. "Quite frankly, I've lost all patience with them," Alderman Gord Lowe said of the companies. "I'm surprised we're not clamping them and towing them."

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