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India's Consulate Dumps Confidential Paper at Recycling Center

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According to a report originally appearing on the website of the San Francisco Chronicle on February 3rd, an official of the Indian Consulate dumped very sensitive confidential information at a local recycling center.

Evidently, thousands of visa applications and other sensitive documents, including paperwork submitted by top executives and political figures, sat for more than a month in the open yard of a San Francisco recycling center after they were dumped there by the city's Indian Consulate. 

Among the papers were visa applications submitted by Byron Pollitt, chief financial officer of San Francisco's Gap Inc., and Anne Gust, wife of California Attorney General Jerry Brown. 

An official of the Consulate said he thought the recycling center shredded the materials, but there is no basis for this assumption. He also lamented that he could not burn them on the roof of the building, which is how this is handled in India.

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