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NAID-Canada to Appear Before Canadian House of Commons

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On February 8, 2007, NAID-Canada will appear by invitation before the Canadian House of Commons Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics Committee. The Parliamentary Committee is asking NAID-Canada to provide input regarding the improvement of the information destruction provisions of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Document Protection Act (PIPEDA).

It is hard to overstate the significance of this opportunity. For one, it shows that information destruction is already on Canadian legislators radar screen. Historically, this is the most important step in the process. Now it gives NAID-Canada an opportunity to help these legislators learn from the experience of other governments who have wrestled with this issue. NAID, and its affiliates NAID-Canada and NAID-Europe, are becoming a welcome source of such advice as a result of its growing international involvement and the associated credibility that goes along with it.

While not directly related, this invitation to testify before the PIPEDA review hearings comes on the heels of NAID-Canada appearing before the entire staff of the Canadian Privacy Commissioner’s office in Ottawa last week.

The presentation to the Commissioner’s staff outlined existing data protection legislation in Canada, Europe and the US, the need for strong legislative direction related to the disposal of information, and recommendations regarding what needs to be included in such legislation to make it effective.