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NAID Board Appoints Two to Certification Review Board

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The NAID Board of Directors has appointed Jim Dallas, CPP to serve as one of two advisory members of the NAID Certification Review Board (CRB). Mr. Dallas will also continue as an independent NAID Certification auditor, a capacity in which he has served NAID for the past four years. Jim brings a wealth of experience and professionalism to the CRB. As required of all NAID Certification auditors, he is an accredited Certified Protection Professional; the highest security accreditation issued by ASIS International.

Mr. Dallas is filling the seat vacated by the recent passing of Richard Krueger, CPP, who had served as both a NAID Certification auditor for four years and as a member of the CRB since its inception last year.

This comes just a month after the appointment of John Rabon to the CRB. Rabon is the NAID Member-representative from AV Security Destruction, based in San Antonio, Texas.

The CRB is responsible to approve all NAID Certification audits, as well as to process, administer, remediate and enforce the NAID Certification standards related to issues of non-compliance. According to the CRB’s charter, it is required to have two independent advisors. These professionals represent the interests of consumers and must have demonstrated proficiencies in professional disciplines applicable to information protection.

A complete list of Certification Review Board members can be found on the NAID website. Click here to access the NAID Leadership Page.