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Major League Baseball Victim of Dumpster Diver

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According to an article by Dave Wischnowsky, a Chicago Tribune staff reporter which was published December 21, 2006, authorities allegedly discovered financial records belonging to 91 Major League Baseball players, including White Sox slugger Jim Thome, former Cubs outfielder Moises Alou and star Mets pitcher Pedro Martinez among those in the possession of a suspected identity thief.

The suspect, a Chicago resident implicated in engaging in I.D. theft, allegedly plucked discarded--and unshredded--loan applications, tax returns and other private documents earlier this year from a trash bin near the Northbrook offices of SFX Baseball, which negotiates contracts for professional baseball players.

"He was Dumpster-diving," said a Lincolnshire Police Detective, whose department launched the investigation after an identity-fraud complaint from a resident who works with the Chicago Bulls.

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