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NAID-Canada Leaders to Address Privacy Commissioner and Staff

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NAID-Canada has had a string of successes in regard to destruction policy development.

  • As the result of a number of strategic meetings and written submissions to key policymakers, the young association has been engaged by provincial officials to provide guidance in constructing destruction language.
  • NAID Certified contractors has specifically recommended in an official government publication by a Provincial privacy official.

Despite these accomplishments and others, on January 17, 2007, NAID-Canada may be getting its best opportunity yet to dramatically impact the course of destruction policy development. That is the day a contingency of the association’s leaders will give a presentation to Canada’s Privacy Commissioner and her staff in Ottawa.

Among the topics covered in the presentation will be:

  • a history and profile of the secure destruction industry
  • the purpose and function of NAID-Canada
  • a comparative review of international information protection laws
  • the need for legislation mandating the destruction of discarded information
  • recommendations for what needs to be addressed in any future information protection legislation

The timing of the meeting could not be better. The Canadian government is currently in the process of reviewing the country’s current information protection policy with an eye toward making it more stringent. Canadian law makers will listen closely to the recommendations of their chief information privacy official and her staff.