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Steps Following a Data Breach

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In an article that appeared in the December 14, 2006, edition of Information Week, author Larry Greenmeier writes about how to respond in the wake of a data breach.

The article highlights the suggestions coming from James Christiansen of Experian, one of the biggest credit information services. Christiansen's first rule for responding to a data leakage is to create a response team as part of an effort to develop an emergency response plan. He suggests that the response team be comprised of IT management personnel, IT security, human resources, legal counsel, and public relations professionals.

Christiansen also advises companies to control their communications just in case they are sued over a breach. He recommends setting up a whistle-blower hotline so employees can report criminal or suspicious behavior. Lastly, companies should have a sample letter in place that can be sent out to clients quickly in the event of a data breach incident.

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