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Computer Theft Put Thousands of Medical Histories at Risk

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As reported by Jaikumar Vijayan on January 4, 2007, in Computerworld, the theft of a computer from the office of an Ohio-based health care contractor on November 23rd has exposed sensitive data belonging to tens of thousands of patients in five health care firms across five states.

The compromised data includes the names, addresses, medical record numbers, diagnoses, treatment information and Social Security numbers of the patients. Among those affected are patients at Atlanta-based Emory Healthcare, Danville, PA.-based Geisinger Health System and Franklin, TN.-based Williamson Medical Center. The names of two other health care providers affected by the burglary at Cincinnati-based Electronic Registry Systems Inc. (ERS) have not yet been released.

In an e-mailed statement, ERS said that the burglary appeared to have been part of a larger break-in that included several other offices in the same building.

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