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Health and Safety Committee Forming

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NAID is looking for member representatives who are interested in participating in the newly formed Health and Safety Committee, especially those with experience in these matters.

The NAID Board of Directors has charged the committee with identifying the top 5 safety-related issues and the top 5 health-related issues affecting the industry. Once identified, the Health and Safety Committee will then seek whatever professional advice is needed to provide NAID members with useful information on the issues in a timely manner. Over time, the results of such investigations will form the basis of a Health and Safety Manual made available to all NAID Members.

NAID Active Members interested in participating in this committee can volunteer by submitting an email to NAID Headquarters. Again, prior experience with health and safety issues will be considered in staffing the committee.

The NAID Health and Safety Committee also asks that ALL members submit their questions and concerns on a regular basis about any related issues they encounter in the course of running their business. All health and safety related question should be sent to