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Pre-Owned Computers as a Solution to Disaster Preparedness

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In the October 6, 2006 edition of Risk Management magazine an article by Mike Sheldon advises readers to look to pre-owned computer networks as a solution to the problem of having redundant network systems. The article states that disaster recovery plans have become a priority at many firms given the recent hurricanes and other disasters facing many firms. The article also says that PricewaterhouseCoopers estimated that in 2000, network downtime accounted for $1.6 trillion in losses for the global economy. While companies understand the need for redundant systems and other disaster planning tools, it is usually cost prohibitive.

Risk managers and IT professionals have discovered that the solution is to buy equipment from the reuse market because it is cheaper than garnering new equipment. Of course, knowing this trend is growing makes it that much more important that all recycled computer equipment is thoroughly stripped of all residual information before it leaves the custody of the original owner. Such precautions would mean replacing all memory devices within the equipment or some other information sanitation processes, such as over-writing.
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