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BBC Radio Broadcasts Urgent Appeal for Proper Disposal by UK Banks

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On Saturday, October 14, 2006, the BBC 4’s Money Box radio program was dedicated to a number of high profile incidents recently in the UK news wherein a number of UK banks and a post office were found casually discarding confidential information.

"Banks should shred all their paper waste to protect customers' personal details," says Nigel Evans, chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Identity Fraud. He also says that banks need to re-examine how they destroy waste.

His remarks come as the Information Commissioner investigates how three banks and a post office left customers' personal details in bins outside branches in the Southampton area.

The companies being investigated are HSBC, Halifax, Royal Bank of Scotland and the Post Office. Customer account details and cut up credit cards were found in their trash.

"The legal requirement in the Data Protection Act is that they have adequate security, not that they shred everything. You don't need to shred every piece of paper but you do need to shred sensitive information," Evans said.

According to many, identity fraud in the UK and elsewhere in Europe is at risk of reaching the epidemic proportions it has reached in the US.

Click here to read more about the BBC 4’s broadcast of this story.

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