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Access Control Primary Concern of Unannounced Audits

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While unannounced audits have only been conducted for the last six months, the concept has been discussed from the very beginning of the NAID Certification Program. Of the many arguments that had surfaced over the years, the two most compelling reasons for finally implementing such a program was the increased attention on our industry from the news media, and the increased reliance on the program by consumers.

For this reason, NAID is placing a high priority on verifying that NAID Certified locations are vigilant about preventing unauthorized access to confidential materials. Even though NAID Certified locations are required to show compliance with all program specifications, allowing unauthorized access to a facility or leaving materials unsecured in the field are going to be of far more concern to the Certification Review Board (CRB). The NAID CRB is the body that determines remedial actions resulting from all NAID Certification audits where deficiencies are discovered.