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Focus Groups Show Member Satisfaction High

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The NAID Member Focus Groups held at the 2006 NAID Conference yielded a great deal of qualitative information on what NAID Members would like to see from their trade association.

The Focus Groups also provided members a forum to comment on their satisfaction with the association. As expected, NAID learned there are many areas in which it is serving its members well and other areas that could be improved.

NAID is seen as doing well in . . .

  • Acting as the eyes and ears of the industry
  • Keeping members informed and up-to-date
  • Driving industry standards
  • Its publications and website; NAIDnews, NAIDDirect and NAIDonline
  • Developing marketing materials, conference content and networking opportunities

Among the areas that members said that NAID could improve are in . . .

  • Using NAID’s clout to negotiate group discounts on products and services
  • Developing healthcare and workman’s compensation solutions for members

The online portion of the NAID Member Survey will be conducted in the coming weeks. This will give statistical weight to many of the issues and delve more deeply into trends and ideas that surfaced during the Focus Groups.