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NAID Survey Data contains a Wealth of Valuable Information

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The recently completed 2006 NAID Consumer Attitudes Survey contains an enormous amount of useful information. While many NAID Members have already had an opportunity to look over the Executive Summary that was presented at the annual conference, the first in-depth look at the data will be published in the upcoming issue of NAIDnews™.

Because of the volume of information the survey has produced, the report to NAID Members will come in two parts. Part 1 will explore what the survey unearthed about the attributes, attitudes and behavior of the 63 percent of the market that now shreds in-house. Part 1 will appear in the next issue of NAIDnews, which is in production.

Part 2, which will be reported in the September issue, will look into the attitudes and behavior of the 37 percent of the marketplace that current are using a secure destruction service.

The survey task force promises a number of surprises in their report, as well as plenty of meaningful food for thought.

So if you want to know if and when the rate at which clients outsourced their shredding requirements peaked, or how medium sized firms that shred in-house differ from large firms, you will find that and much more in the next issue of NAIDnews.