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Catch a Glimpse of the 2006 consumer Survey Results

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While NAID management is still sifting through the reams of data from the 2006 NAID Consumer Attitudes Survey; an Executive Summary that was presented at its recent annual conference is now posted on our website.

Much more interpreted data and analysis will be made available in a series of articles to appear in the June 2006 and September 2006 issues of the NAID’s quarterly journal; NAIDnews™.

Among the early findings released are . . .

  • 77% of business decision-makers do not know what their company’s procedures are to ensure the destruction of information on discarded computers.
  • 11% of businesses indefinitely stored retired computers because they are not aware of proper disposal methods permitted under the law.
  • 44% of business decision-makers report that they are unaware of any written policies or procedures in their company regarding the destruction of discarded personal information.
  • Of all businesses that currently shred discarded information, 63% do it themselves with the remaining 37% outsourcing their destruction needs to a security shredding company.
  • More than 54% of the businesses using an information destruction service have been outsourcing for four years or less, indicating that demand for such services has roughly doubled in that time.
  • 85% of business executives would support a similar destruction requirement that covered all personal information regarding a consumer.
  • The two primary drivers of demand for shredding services are 1) the volume of material that must now be shredded and 2) the relative cost savings versus in-house shredding.


To view some of the slides from the 2006 NAID Consumer Survey - Executive Summary, click here: