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NAID Executive to Address Congressional Staffers at BBB Event

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NAID executive director Bob Johnson is slated to address a large contingency of Congressional staffers in Washington, DC, at a reception hosted by the Council of Better Business Bureaus (CBBB) on June 26, 2006.

The event is part of the CBBB’s privacy awareness campaign designed to educate businesses of their responsibility and available strategies for protecting the personal information of customers.

Johnson’s comments will concentrate on the following main issues:

1) NAID has been a trusted resource for providing background on information destruction issues to the FTC, as well as many of the Congressmen sponsoring the draft information protection legislation that is currently being circulated.

2) NAID’s 1,000 member-locations have proven to be a valuable means for disseminating information about data protection to the business community.


3) It makes no sense to pass an information protection law that does not require information destruction and, further, that exemptions for those covered by other regulations are misguided and counterproductive.

4) NAID has effectively creating a system to self-regulate its members.