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2006 NAID Election Results

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Among the items of NAID business conducted at the Annual Conference, none is more important than the election of the members to the Board of Directors.

The following NAID Member-company representatives were elected to serve on the 2006 NAID Board of Directors:

President-Elect (1 year, ascending to NAID Presidency in 2007):

John Miller, WesTex Document, Inc., Lubbock, TX

Director(s) (2 years):

Ray Barry, Shred First, LLC, Spartanburg, SC

Chris Isabell, I-Shred, Inc. Grants Pass, OR

Ken Williams, Chicago Shred Authority, Chicago, IL


Vendor Liaison:

Roger Williams, American Baler Company, Bellevue, OH

Departing the NAID Board of Directors at this year’s conference are Past President John Bauknight IV, Vendor Liaison Pat Connor, and Directors Tim Oberst, Nate Segall, and Kevin Smith.

The election of John Miller to the office of President-Elect during the middle of his term of office as a NAID Director resulted in a vacancy. The appointment of Nate Segall to the vacant post was approved by the new NAID Board of Directors at their meeting immediately following the conference. For a complete list and contact information for the NAID Board of Directors, go the NAID Leadership page of the website at: