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NAID Consumer Attitudes Survey Data Coming in June

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NAID is currently culling through the massive amount of data resulting from the recently concluded 2006 NAID Consumer Attitudes Survey.

While the data will take a while to fully process and integrate, there are already several very interesting top level findings; both confirming and contradicting conventional perceptions.

The preliminary report on the results indicates that while roughly 89% of all respondents said that their firms are "very" (59%) to "somewhat" (30%) concerned about safeguarding discarded information, only 37% reported utilizing an outside contractor for any sort of information destruction and close to 40% of those firms used the service only for periodic purges. Of those firms that reported they did not use a shredding service, 97% said they shredded internally.

Included in the dozens of critical consumer attitudes remaining to be dissected are:

  • why clients would change service providers
  • what would make consumers buy in the first place
  • what keeps them from outsourcing
  • whether they require contracts
  • who makes the buying decision
  • what they know about legislation
  • how they handle e-destruction

Only NAID Members will have access to the complete analysis and interpretation of the data, which is coming soon.