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FTC Enlists NAID for ID Theft Education Initiative

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The FTC has asked for NAID Members’ help in teaching the public how to protect themselves from Identity Theft.

At a briefing last week in Washington, held specifically for a limited number of groups and association that are strategically aligned with the I.D. theft issue, the FTC appealed to NAID and others to help them distribute their message the consumers must be proactive in protecting their identities.

Very soon, NAID will be offering an I.D. Theft Prevention Presentation Kit that will have everything members need to give high-quality presentations on the subject of I.D. Theft prevention to local organizations. By offering these sessions to local civic organizations, schools, and even to clients’ and prospects’ employees, NAID Members will gain very beneficial exposure. The kit comes with a full script, a PowerPoint® presentation and a Compact Disk that can be shown in tandem or instead of the PowerPoint®.

There is also a very inexpensive brochure on I.D. Theft Prevention that can be included with every NAID Members’ promotional materials or distributed in mailings.

Of course, destruction of discarded personal information is one of the primary directives in any I.D. Theft prevention plan.

The customized presentation packets are currently in production and will be available very soon. Stay tuned for more information.