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Andrews Software Announces New Support Program

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NAID Associate member-company Andrews Software, Inc. (ASI) has announced the expansion of its client support services with the addition of T.E.C.H., a web-based support software that provides flexible, timely technical support to customers around the globe.

T.E.C.H., an acronym for "Timely Expert Client Help," refers to ASI’s state-of-the-art, web-based technical support application. ASI contends that with T.E.C.H., clients are able to quickly submit technical support issues, know as "incidents" to the ASI support team. This can be accomplished by accessing T.E.C.H. from ASI’s corporate website or simply by emailing T.E.C.H. automatically creates a trouble ticket and routes incidents to the support representatives who can most readily respond to the support request. According to ASI, the nature of the incident determines the response format; however, most are able to be resolved quickly via email instruction. Incidents can be automatically escalated if they are not closed within a certain timeframe. The benefits to ASI’s customers are many, with the most significant being quick and efficient incident resolution – regardless of location.

ASI also says another key advantage offered by T.E.C.H. is it provides users with valuable information regarding the nature of their support requests, what the status may be for special projects, as well as incident resolution timeframes. T.E.C.H. also provides users with a self-help section, by building a knowledge base, which is based on customers’ previous incidents and support requests. In short, the more ASI clients utilize the support software, the better the knowledge base becomes for everyone.