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NAID Joins Council of Better Business Bureaus' Initiative

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NAID has joined the Council of Better Business Bureaus’ national information protection campaign called "Security & Privacy . . . Made Simpler." The goal of the program is to educate medium and small businesses across the U.S. of the need to protect personal client information.

According to research conducted by the Small Business Technology Institute last year, two-thirds of all American small businesses lack an information security plan and half of all U.S. small businesses have had a data security breach within the past year.

NAID will join the likes of VISA®, eBay®, PayPal®, IBM®, and the Wall Street Journal® in sponsoring the initiative.

As a result of NAID’s involvement, a collateral piece will be produced that is customized with NAID’s message, NAID’s logo, and the logo of the CBBB. NAID members will be able to use this educational document to help market their services.

The piece will also be placed in the CBBB information protection kit into which NAID will be able to insert a page of content. This kit will be distributed by the CBBB.

Of course, NAID and NAID Members will benefit from this sponsorship in many other ways as well, including increased exposure from press releases to industry periodicals and other major news organizations.