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NAID Tapped by House Financial Services committee for Data Destruction Language

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On the eve of introducing the proposed data destruction requirement in H.R. 3997 currently in the House Financial Services Committee, NAID’s D.C. legal council received a last minute invitation from the office of Representative Michael Fitzpatrick (R-PA) offering NAID the opportunity to write the amended language to the bill, which was needed on the House floor the following morning.

NAID has spent much time and resources educating Federal policy makers on the need for such a destruction requirement, and has succeeded in getting it referenced in every known data protection bill likely to matter. However, this is the first instance ever of NAID actually being offered the opportunity to write the language.

It is no secret that there are a half a dozen data protection draft-laws circulating in the nation’s capitol. The process of negotiating language and jurisdiction between the competing bill is expect to enter full swing as policy makers intend to get something done on this matter in the current legislative session.