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Meet 2006 Conference Speaker - Joel Linchitz

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Many salespeople describe their job as "smiling and dialing." As everyone knows, there are a lot of very profitable small and medium sized accounts out there. Everyone also knows the phone is one of the best ways to root out those accounts. Joel Linchitz, a presenter at this year’s NAID Conference, has made a career of showing clients how to do that effectively and profitably.

Joel Linchitz has developed and implemented telephone marketing programs for major corporate and industrial clients since 1970. He has used the telephone medium successfully in virtually every kind of business environment to increase sales and customer satisfaction, while at the same time providing motivation and job satisfaction for people who use the phone as a contact tool. He can show anyone how to sell a variety of products and services over the phone ranging in price from $50 to $500,000.

One of the best trainers and consultants in the business, as well as a popular public speaker, he is also the author of The Complete Guide to Telemarketing Management (originally published by Amacom Press), considered one of the definitive books in the field. As a trainer and consultant to major Fortune 500 companies, he has trained thousands of people to use the telephone effectively. His approach is a direct result of his frontline experience, and succeeds where traditional programs adapted for telephone sales have failed. His philosophy is that results should be immediate and continuous! That philosophy is reflected in his Phone for Success® seminars that give participants the opportunity to learn and practice new skills with coaching and supervision.

Joel will present at the 2006 NAID Conference. The early registration discount expires at the end of this week.