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NAID-Canada Elects 2006 Board of Directors

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The 2006 NAID-Canada Conference was very successful in attracting service consumers.@ Modeled after the ROAD SHOW concept developed by NAID last fall, the first day of the two-day event focused on content designed to attract potential service users. Over 60 consumers attended the event, primarily from the healthcare field.

The second day of the event focused on industry issues, one of which was the election of the 2006 NAID-Canada Board of Directors.

NAID and NAID-Canada wish to thank all who contended for the available seats and congratulate the winners. The 2006 NAID-Canada Board of Directors is as follows:


Dave Carey, Iron Mountain Secure Destruction

Secretary/Treasurer: Joseph Bozic, dataXile


Kristjan Backman, Phoenix Recycling

Gord Mackenzie, Cintas Document Management

Nicole von Stefenelli, Urban Shredding Systems

Chris Ockenfels, Document Destruction and Recycling Services

NAID-Canada is currently riding on a string of successes most notably playing a key role in policy development in Ontario, and a recommendation by the Ontario Information and Privacy Commissioners office for companies to select a NAID Certified contractor.