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Certification Review Board Extablished

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In addition to the introduction of Unannounced Audits, NAID has created a Certification Review Board (CRB) that is charged with dealing with non-compliance issues that may arise, with the primary intent of protecting the integrity of the NAID Certification Program.

The CRB is made up of five NAID Certified member-company representatives, including the Chairman, and two outside advisors who are accredited in professions directly related to security and records management.

Current CRB members approved by the NAID Board of Directors are:

Tom Simpson (Chair), AAA Certified Confidential Security Corp., Peoria, IL

Jim Beran, Shred Right, St Paul, MN

John Damm, Cintas Document Management, Cincinnati, OH

John Miller, WesTex Document, Inc., Lubbock, TX

Nate Segall, AccuShred, Toledo, OH

Alan Andolsen, CRM, CMC (VP of the Institute of Certified Records Managers)

Richard Krueger, CPP (NAID Auditor and NAID Certification Rules Advisor)