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Second Phase of Consumer Attitude Survey Nearing End

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Within the last week, the research firm commissioned to conduct the first-ever, full-fledged consumer attitudes survey has completed four of the six focus group sessions that constitute the second phase of the process. Focus groups, consisting of panels of consumers who use information destruction services and consumers who shred in-house, have been interviewed in Los Angeles and Chicago. This evening, March 2nd, two focus groups will be interviewed in Atlanta. While the focus groups are already yielding some exciting and surprising results on their own, they are also used to develop the final phase of information gathering, which will be a national on-line survey of more than a thousand businesses that either use information destruction services or destroy information in-house.

The final results of the 2006 NAID Consumer Attitudes Survey will be interpreted, first-hand, by the firm that is conducting the research at the upcoming Annual NAID Conference in May.