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Consumer Alert Notices Posted on NAID Website

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The Consumer Alerts webpage has been launched. It will serve as the forum for NAID to correct false information circulating in the marketplace, as well as to post CRC-related sanctions when warranted.

Information related to recent sanctions is yet to be uploaded but will appear soon.

Visitors can search the posted corrections and sanctions by company name as well as by state, province or country.

The site was created because alternative means of posting corrections and sanctions did not effectively make the information available to the consuming public. NAID will promote the Consumer Alerts web link in press releases, as well as in its future advertising. NAID Members will also be encouraging prospects to visit the site before they purchase secure destruction services in a particular market.

The link to the Consumer Alerts page is a red button near the top of the right margin on the home page. It was designed to catch the eye of all visitors.

Go to the NAID website to see how it looks and how it works by clicking here: