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NAID Board of Directors' Candidates Sought

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It is time for NAID Active Members to nominate the candidates who will contend for open Board of Directors seats at the May 15, 2006 election.

This year, three director’s posts are up for contention, as well as the post of President-elect.

Any NAID Active Member-company official representative may compete for a director’s post, which has a two-year term. Only those with prior NAID Board of Directors’ experience may compete for the office of President-elect. The President-elect automatically ascends to the NAID Presidency in the following term of service.

The form for submitting candidates can be downloaded at the link below. The completed forms must be submitted to NAID HQ by 5:00 PM MST on February 17, 2006. Submission instructions are on the form, as well as a list of those qualified to compete for the office of President-elect.

Access the form here:

The form is also linked in the Members’ Only section of the NAID website under the subsection labeled "Leadership Forms."