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Guess Who's at the Door - Unannounced Audits Approved

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The NAID Board of Directors has taken the last step necessary to make Unannounced Audits part of the NAID Certification process. At the NAID Board of Directors monthly meeting they unanimously approved the details of the program.

Therefore, effective immediately, approximately 25% of all NAID Certification locations will be randomly selected each year to receive a surprise visit by a NAID Auditor.

Implementing the program has been long awaited and discussed. For the last seven months all new and renewal NAID Certification applicants have been required to agree to the unannounced review of their operations in anticipation of implementation.

The NAID Board of Directors and the NAID Certification Committee felt that this measure would enable the program to further withstand the scrutiny of policy-makers, security professionals and the media.

Complete details regarding the processes, policies and procedures of the Unannounced Audits will be posted to the NAID website in the coming days, as well as being described in an article in the March 2006 edition of NAIDnews.

Unannounced Audits apply equally to mobile operators and plant-based companies. Both will be monitored in the field as well as at the base operations.