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NAID Certification Review Board Established

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The NAID Board of Directors has approved the formation of a new council, called the Certification Review Board (CRB), which will be responsible to:

  1. Approve or deny the award of NAID Certifications to applicants who have been audited based upon a review of the findings of the auditor
  2. Review and issue rulings on petitions from NAID Certification applicants for special considerations, exemptions or modifications from standard specifications
  3. Review the results of unannounced NAID Certification audits where an issue related to non-compliance has arisen
  4. Investigate credible claims of non-compliance with NAID Certification, including those reported by any legitimate source and/or resulting from the findings of scheduled audits and unannounced audits
  5. Require/mandate remedial actions by Member-companies to obtain or retain NAID Certified status
  6. Refer information and recommendations to the NAID Complaint Resolution Council (CRC) when a particular incident, or pattern of incidents, lead it to believe that disciplinary action, such as sanctions or termination, is warranted

The hope is that Unannounced Audits do not substantially increase the number of compliance violations, however, in the event it does, the CRB will provide the first level of due process in dealing with such events. The CRB Guidelines, which will govern the activity of the newly created body, will be posted to the Members’ Only section of the NAID website by the end of the week.