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Export of Computers is Often for Dumping Report Says

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According to a report titled, The Digital Dump: Exporting High-Tech Re-use and Abuse to Africa, the vast majority of old computers exported to Africa are meant to be dumped and not reuse. The report was produced by the Basel Ban, a group working within the framework of the Basel Convention which banned exporting of hazardous waste from the 29 most developed nations in the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) to all non-OECD countries.

Here is a quote from the report: "In Lagos, while there is a legitimate robust market and ability to repair and refurbish old electronic equipment including computers, monitors, TVs and cell phones, the local experts complain that of the estimated 500 40-foot containers shipped to Lagos each month, as much as 75% of the imports are "junk" and are not economically repairable or marketable. Consequently, this e-waste, which is legally a hazardous waste is being discarded and routinely burned in what the environmentalists call yet another cyber-age nightmare now landing on the shores of developing countries."

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