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2006 NAID Consumer Attitudes Survey Launched

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On December 13, 2005, all NAID Members in the U.S. were sent a letter announcing the launch of the 2006 NAID Consumer Attitudes Survey. The letter explains how NAID Members will benefit from the study as well as their role in its execution.

In a nutshell, NAID Members are being asked to supply the names of 3 current customers and 1 prospective customer to the company that is conducting the research. This will be done via a web page linked below this article. A small group of the submitted candidates will be contacted for participation in the focus group interviews. The vast majority of the candidates submitted will only be solicited to participate in the on-line survey launched as the second phase of the study.

Neither NAID nor anyone associated with NAID will ever have access to any customer information. No customer names will ever be referenced anywhere in print outside of the research team or in the study.

NAID Members providing candidates for the study will receive a complimentary copy of both the preliminary results of the focus group study (Phase 1) and the final result of the study (Phase 2). They are also entered into a random drawing for a cash prize and free conference registrations.

More details are contained in the letters sent earlier this week. Even more information is available on the 2006 NAID Consumer Attitudes website, including a FAQ that all participants should read.

This is an exciting project unlike any ever attempted in the information destruction industry. The results will help members make better decisions in almost every area of their business and also allow NAID to better focus its efforts to improve the industry.

Please review the letter and the FAQ on the website before contacting NAID with any questions on this matter. Any questions that remain unanswered should be routed to

The link to the 2006 NAID Consumer Attitudes Survey website is listed immediately below. It will only take a few minutes to enter the required information. Thanks in advance for your help.

For more information and to submit survey candidates, go to the 2006 NAID Consumer Attitudes Survey at: