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Cross-Border-E-Destruction Issue Explored at NAID-Canada Conference

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According to the evaluations of the NAID Road Shows, held this last fall in Chicago, San Francisco and Phoenix, the session content was among the most highly rated NAID has ever offered. This was true whether the evaluator was a consumer or a NAID Member that had attended many NAID Conferences.

Among the most impressive, interesting and highly-rated sessions was that of attorney Alan Ross, who spoke on the topic of E-Records Destruction during litigation, audits and investigations. Seasoned veterans of the records destruction industry were captivated by what is very likely the most comprehensive and concise look at the nuts and bolts of this evolving area of law.

Planners of the NAID-Canada Conference are proud to announce the Mr. Ross will team up with an associate in Toronto Canada to explore E-Destruction and E-Discovery in Canada, as well as across cross-border issues related to the issue.

Given that Canada and the U.S. remain the largest trading partners of on another, and their close proximity, e-discovery and e-destruction are both very misunderstood areas of records management important to tens of thousands of companies on both sides of the border.

This news comes on the heels of the announcement that Ann Cavoukian Ph.D., Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, Canada, and author of two best selling books on privacy protection will serve as the event’s keynote speaker.