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CSI Dumpster Style

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Crime scene investigation shows are very popular these days and they are often very graphic. That still would not prepare anyone for what was discovered in an Australian dumpster.

Hundreds of police crime scene photographs have been found in a suburban dumpster in the latest serious breach of privacy to hit Victoria Police and the Bracks’ Government. The gruesome images, seen by the Herald Sun, include horrific scenes of torture, abuse and violence and clearly identify innocent victims of crime.

Decorum keeps NAIDDirect™ from going into the detail that was in the original report on the incident.

Opposition Leader Robert Doyle said the photographs were the worst breach of confidential and sensitive documentation of a graphic and gruesome nature. Premier Steve Bracks also said the security breach was unacceptable.

"It's very concerning that someone wouldn't dispose properly and appropriately of police photographs," he said.

"These photographs should be shredded. That is the policy of the Victoria Police."

The photos of crime scenes, autopsies and murder weapons were found in a garbage bag in a dumpster at a Cranbourne shopping centre about a month ago and were then circulated at the Royal Oak Hotel in Cheltenham.

A resident passed the images on to the Leader newspaper group, which yesterday handed them over to the Department of Justice.

Police said they were confident the photos, which were used for evidence in court, were not mistakenly released by Victoria Police. But police are holding an internal investigation into whether processes needed to be tightened.

Privacy Commissioner Paul Chadwick said he had asked for a full briefing and would investigate if any breaches of the Privacy Act were detected.