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Excitement Building for the 2006 Conference and Expo

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Excitement for the 2006 NAID Conference, which will be held from Sunday, May 14th to Tuesday, May 16th, in Phoenix, Arizona, is mounting.

The Trade Exposition of approximately 150 booth spaces is all but sold out. Literally, about a hand full of spaces are left and are expected to be gone soon.

Afterburner®, whose high-powered, motivational management message is wowing businesses across the country, will provide the keynote presentation.

Human resources guru Bill Miller of Performance Hiring™, will explain how to find exceptional people and keep them focused and motivated.

Dr. Simson Garfinkel PhD, probably the most well-respected and well-known computer information forensics authority in the world, will give attendees the information they need to talk intelligently with customers about destruction of information on computers. Every NAID Member whether they offer this service or not, should be able to answer basic client questions on this subject.

Deb Pryor of Partners in Brainstorms™ will present the findings of the first-ever, NAID Consumers Attitudes Survey, which is about to be undertaken. Attendees will learn what business consumers think about information destruction, how to appeal to their need for security, their "hot" buttons, business segment tendencies, and more.

And this is just a sample – there are 22 sessions in all.

Add to this, that the event is at one of the worlds most renowned resort hotels, the Arizona Biltmore, where NAID has negotiated a room rate less than half of the usual.

Rooms will go fast, make your reservations today. Click here for information regarding how to make your reservation.