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Road Shows Go Well but Future Uncertain

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The first two NAID Road Shows, officially titled, Information Disposal: Risk Management and Compliance Fundamentals, are now in the history books.

The events, held in Chicago and in San Francisco, received excellent reviews of the presenters and content. However, it was hoped that attendance would be higher. As it turned out, there were approximately 110 participants in Chicago and just over 60 in San Francisco.

The NAID Board of Directors is currently awaiting a complete analysis of the events. There is not much doubt that NAID will continue with similar educational outreach programs. It may turn out, however, that the association is better off partnering with local chapters of other associations and/or working more with the "webcast" concept.

The last of the initial three Road Shows is scheduled for Phoenix on November 30, 2005.

There is still time to register for the Phoenix Road Show. Attendees are coming from as far away as L.A. and Denver.

For more information or to download registration forms, click here: