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NAID Executive Speaks to Hospital Group

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NAID Executive Director Bob Johnson appeared before a group of about 400 medical information professionals on November 3rd with the message that care needs to be part and parcel of selecting a secure destruction vendor.

The appearance comes on the heels of an incident in Toronto where medical records were strewn throughout the city’s downtown area to replicate New York minutes after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The recreation was for a movie being filmed there by Touchstone Films.

A recent report issued by the Ontario Information and Privacy Commission (IPC), cited numerous breakdowns in the process of selecting the vendor that was supposed to have destroyed the materials and the medical facilities internal processes. Johnson’s session was one of the best attended session as a result of the PHIPA Conference as a result of the report and the incident.

The report, which was issued just days before the presentation in Toronto, is part of the first-ever Executive Order issued by Ontario’s IPC, Dr. Ann Cavoukian under her authority granted by PHIPA, the Canadian version of HIPAA.