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Road Show Attendance is Strong and Growing

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NAID Road Show planners are proud to announce that they were right in predicting interest in a records destruction seminar aimed at consumers. The Chicago Road Show on November 7th has already exceeded the goal of 100 participants and San Francisco on November 10th is closing in fast. Both events seem to be benefiting from a last minute rush of registrations. Planners always expected that there would be interest from local members looking to benefit from the expert presentations. And while that has proven true, they are most encouraged by the fact that there is enthusiastic attendance from consumers. There is a marked representation by large companies and law firms but consumers from all types of organizations are signing up in significant numbers and will represent as much as 50% of the registrant.

Given the experience with last minute registrations for Chicago and San Francisco, attendance at the November 30th event in Phoenix remains an unknown. Registrations for Phoenix are low compared to the two more immediate events but there are still three weeks to go.

The NAID Board of Directors will consider whether or not to schedule more Road Show at their November 9, 2005, monthly conference call. While it is undecided as to what cities might be included in a spring Road Show, four more Road Shows were budgeted just in case there was a reason to proceed.