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Plan Ahead for Data Breaches Says HR Experts

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Experts say human resources (HR) professionals need to be prepared to deal with the potential loss of employee or customer data. HR professionals often only become aware of a problem when workers start to complain. It is crucial to respond quickly to reassure employees or customers, and safeguard the organization, experts say. HR professionals should be involved in this process. The professional should at a minimum try to find out when the breach occurred. Some firms are establishing internal security departments where trained individuals track all databases. The article states that breaches should be reported to the highest level of management. According to the article, the task of briefing employees should be done via one-to-one meetings or small conferences, but larger firms with a geographically spread out workforce would need to send targeted emails.

The article does not discuss how these incidents happen or what to do to prevent them.

Source: HR Magazine (10/05) Vol. 50, No. 10, P. 32 ; Weaver, Peter