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NAID-Canada Executive to Participate in PHIPA Summit

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In a story that is related to the sensational release of medical information by a television film crew, executive director Bob Johnson has been invited to participate on a panel at the upcoming PHIPA Summit on November 3rd in Toronto. Proper information disposal of medical information is the topic of the panel discussion.

Among those joining NAID's top executive in the discussion is Ann Cavoukian, Ph.D. The attendees will primarily be comprised of medical information professionals and policymakers.

Ironically, the event has been planned for months and has nothing to do with the film crew's unfortunate actions. It was scheduled to mark the anniversay of PHIPA. Of course, at this point, the recent Toronto incident will serve to bring information disposal to the top of the agenda.

Complete information on the 2005 PHIPA Summit is available on the Internet at: