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NAID Members Asked to Recruit Focus Group Candidates

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Over the next few months, NAID will be conducting the most thorough study ever conducted on consumer attitudes regarding a range of issues related to information destruction and the use of secure destruction services

One element of that study will include a series of focus groups in various cities around the U.S.

NAID Members will soon be directed to a website where they can submit the names of a few local clients and prospects who would be willing to participate in the focus group discussions. At no time will NAID ever be in possession of the submitted names of focus group candidates. The company hired to conduct the study, which is sworn to protect confidentiality, will be the only ones with access to that information. This will all be clearly spelled out on the website when it is posted.

NAID Members who submit names of candidates for the focus groups via that website will be given an advanced, free copy of the results of the focus group analysis. Following the focus group analysis, there will be an extensive survey of over 1,000 shredding service consumers. The focus groups are largely used to identify the contents and strategy of the larger survey.

Being the first systematic analysis of consumer attitudes regarding the use of information destruction services, the results will prove to be a valuable tool for NAID and NAID Members to develop their future strategies.