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NAID awards first onsite sanitization certifications

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When NAID recently announced the launch of its new certification for onsite sanitization operations, NAID Certification Rules Committee Chairperson Angie Singer Keating remarked, “NAID is simply responding to the needs of the marketplace. The association’s reputation as the most knowledgeable and aggressive proponent of data-related vendor security qualifications makes it our responsibility to step into areas where secure process and quality control are critical.”

As it turns out, it did not take long for the market to prove her assessment correct.

Jan. 10, 2012, NAID announced that Green Delete of Chicago, Ill., Lifespan Technology Recycling of Denver, Colo., and EPC, Earth City, Mo., were the first companies in the world to receive this prestigious qualification.

NAID CEO Bob Johnson explained, “Having this program accepted so quickly validates our suspicions. We’re to the point where data-related vendors’ qualifications have to be validated by a credible body. Thanks to years of diligence, NAID is the place that both customers and vendors turn to.”