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Ethics Corrections to be Posted for Public Inspection

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The NAID Board of Directors has approved the creation of a section of the association’s website to post corrections and sanctions. The new website will provide a way to undo some of the damage done when a secure information destruction firm engages in false or misleading advertising.

When the site is completed in the coming weeks, it will serve as a reference site to which NAID HQ and NAID Members can send clients and prospects interested in finding out what companies have engaged in false claims of NAID Certification, NAID Membership or other deceptive advertising. NAID will post such corrections regardless of whether or not the firm is an association member. The only requirement is that those listed were afforded due process under the Complaint Resolution Council Guidelines.

Over the last six months there has been an increase in the number of companies who are not NAID Members claiming to meet NAID standards or to be "approved" by NAID. At the same time, there has continued to be a problem with companies advertising they are NAID Certified when they are not.

NAID Members competing with a company in their market that is proven to be committing such violations will be able to refer prospects and clients to the site. The NAID Board of Directors believes that posting the names of these companies on a special webpage will not only correct the misinformation but also discourage others from taking such license.