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New NAID Advisory Targets Small Office Shredders

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A new NAID Advisory has been posted to the NAID website. It is the second such essay to be posted and it addresses the benefits of using a secure destruction service when compared to using a small shredder in a medium or small office.

NAID Advisories are designed to explore various aspects of information disposal and destruction in an in-depth manner. They provide more extensive background and analysis than a conventional brochure and are suitable for printing or emailing to prospects or clients. They are meant to be used to confront typical misconceptions and objections that surface in particular sales situations on a case by case basis. NAID Advisories are also useful in training sales staff on the intricacies of the industry.

The NAID Public Relations Committee is also currently working on a more conventional brochure targeting small and medium offices that are using in-house shredding programs based upon deployment of small office shredders based upon many of the principles described in the new advisory. Of course, such a marketing piece will be more graphically appealing and less wordy than an educational essay.

There are currently two advisories but more will be added on a regular basis.

To view or download the NAID Advisories, click here: