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NAID contributes to Katrina Relief

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NAID has made a contribution of $2,000 on behalf of all members to the American Red Cross for relief efforts related to Hurricane Katrina.

To date, NAID is still unable to reach many of our members that were closest to the devastation. However, many NAID Member-companies that serve the stricken area, even if undamaged, have lost their customer base. Hopefully, this is temporary but nevertheless, it is very difficult for them and their employees who are out of work as a result.

NAID is encouraging any Member that would be willing to offer employment to an employee of any NAID Member that has been affected by the storm to contact us.

NAID will then reach out to members to see if they have any candidates who could benefit from the particular offer. Anyone able to make such an offer should also consider whether or not they would be able to provide transportation or temporary accommodations. While certainly not required to make an offer of employment, that information will help NAID get the terms of the offer to the potential candidates. References would be provided by the previous employer for any applicants.

If you do have an offer of temporary or permanent employment for a displaced worker of a NAID member is the area affected by Katrina, email Bob Johnson at Please supply as much detail as possible.