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NAID Certification Tops 200

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There are currently over 211 locations that are NAID Certified. Divided evenly throughout the year, that means that 2 out of every 3 workdays a NAID Auditor is conducting a NAID Certification audit somewhere.

Add to the number that there are currently no less than 22 "first-time" audits pending for NAID Certifications at this time and that there were 11 first-time audits last month.

Increasingly, NAID is learning of major institutions that are specifying NAID Certification in the RFQs; the most notable recently being a major, nationwide bank in Canada.

Whether getting NAID Certified for the first time or re-Certifying, NAID Members are reminded that they must use and comply with the current specifications as described in the revised application that is posted to the NAID website. The revised specifications and forms have been posted since July 1, 2005.

Click here to view the current NAID Certification application: